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--- Please pray that the Gospel presentation document "How To Get To Heaven" in various languages on this website would be readily accessed, effectively understood, and instrumentally used by the Lord to bring countless numbers of people around the world to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

A key passage to shape a philosophy of ministry for biblical counseling:

2 Timothy 2:24 "And the Lord's servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful.  25. Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, 26. and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will."


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Counseling used with Leadership:

Leading Change - Reducing Resistance Through Counseling (Research Paper)
Proposes and describes a theoretical strategy of utilizing biblical counseling in order to reduce resistance to the implementation of change in a church or ministry
.rtf .doc .pdf

Lay counseling training curriculum for free download, for Christian ministry spiritual care, biblical, editable, printable, can be easily customized or projected, NIV-based

Seminar Series Teaching Lessons:
Biblical Counseling Training for Lay Counselors

Session 01 - Distinctives For Counseling That Is Biblical .htm .rtf .doc .pdf
Session 02 - Presenting The Gospel .htm .rtf .doc .pdf
Session 03 - Identifying, Exposing, And Treating Ungodly Or Sinful Habits, Behavior Patterns, Thinking, Speaking, Etc. .htm .rtf .doc .pdf
Session 04 - Depression, Anxiety, And Anger .htm .rtf .doc .pdf
Session 05 - Drug And Alcohol Addictions .htm .rtf .doc .pdf

For a List Of Abbreviations used within these documents, click here (to access the list on the "Abbreviations & Copyrights" page).

Christian help and guide e-book ( free download) for parenting a troubled child or teenager and how to deal with their serious mental problems and spiritual disinterest using a ministering and lay counseling approach, biblical, printable, can be easily customized or projected, NIV-based

E-book (full-text) - Children Of Fire: How to Effect Positive Lasting Change in Your Troubled Youth

Children Of Fire .htm .rtf .doc .pdf

A list of common counseling topics and sin stronghold topics for free download.  For each topic there are listed several Bible references that can be applied in counseling that particular topic.  This list can be used as a printout that you can carry in the back of your Bible for quick reference.

Quick List of Bible References .htm .rtf .doc .pdf

Troubled Marriage:

For a wife who is experiencing misery from her unbelieving husband, God has delineated a specific solution approach for her to use in how she should respond to her husband.  See and study the information in the following link for the Bible lesson for 1 Peter 3:1-6.

Psychological / Medical Conditions:

List of Curable Strongholds
Psychological and medical problems that were cured through the use of biblical counseling and that were in some manner directly linked to a source of sin.
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
Especially interesting in this document: The listed medical problems that were cured by means of biblical counseling are: asthma; mental block-out; burping; cerebral palsy; dyslexia; eye problems (cross-eyed; divergent or split-eyed; tunnel vision; blurred vision; pink eye); fainting; farting (profuse); fidget (restlessness); freeze up (unable to move or speak); abnormal yellowish lump (cancer growth) under the skin; headache; hiccups; the itches; memory loss; odor (body, breath); pain (physical, mental, blocker); paralysis; pass out; pneumonia (lethal); shakes; sleepiness; sleeplessness; speech problems (speechless or mute, talk endlessly, pronunciation problems, speech mix up); stomachache; too frequent urination; vomiting; weakness; zone out.
NEW (November, 2021)


This disorder is primarily characterized by having a split personality, in which splitting or dividing of the personality and mental functioning into compartments called ‘alternate identities’ occurs when the person is severely abused during childhood years. Usually, dissociative persons and people around them are unaware that their personality is compartmentalized (or dissociated).

In order to assist you in evaluating the possible presence of dissociation in a person (if no such diagnosis has ever been made by a mental health professional), the following is a list of typical characteristics and behaviors that a dissociative person may display:

- - In public, the person appears normal and is able to blend in to conform to most kinds of social environments that he/she desperately wants to fit in to (like a chameleon). But in private when details of the person’s thinking and behaviors are exposed, it is obvious the person has major problems functioning and adapting socially. 

- - The person has ‘mood’ swings, which are usually minimally fairly intense. Each mood will have its own distinct perspective that has a specific theme. The person seems to at times readily switch or flip between moods. Some examples of moods that may indicate dissociation are: Accuser, I-Hate-The-World, Exaggerator, Sexually Needy, Sexually Deviant, Pessimistic Fatalist, Rage, Threatener, Intimidator, Demander, Manipulator, Blamer, Antagonizer, Arguer, I-Want-To-Fight, Controller, Profuse Liar, Profuse Cussor, Giddy, Unfair, Strife, Hopelessness, I-Am-King/Queen/God, Depression, Anxiety, Masquerader, Rebellion, Revenge, Seclusion, Harm Self, Destroyer, or Narcissist.

- - At times, the person appears mentally pathetic, or irrational, or illogical.

- - The person has memory gaps or unreasonable chronic forgetfulness.

- - The person easily and immediately explodes into a fit of intense rage, which can last days, weeks, or even months.

- - The person has a love/hate relationship with parents or spouse.

- - The person exhibits significant difficulties holding a job or maintaining a marriage.

- - The person experiences vivid traumatic nightmares or memories.

- - The person is mentally unstable or has a history of being in and out of psychiatric hospitals.

During my years of counseling, I have found that every dissociative patient I extensively counseled had endured major trauma from witchcraft abuse, witchcraft torture, or witchcraft ritual ceremonies. Some of them initially had some access to memories of their past witchcraft abuse and some of them initially had blockages that prevented access to their memories of past witchcraft abuse.

Through Biblical counseling of this disorder, amazing results have been accomplished in achieving permanent integration of the counseled personality compartments, psychological healing of past abuse, neutralization of recurring trauma from corresponding vivid memories, removal of connected co-occurring disorders, spiritual cleansing, and spiritual sanctification.

Research Thesis: Treatment For Dissociation - An effective biblical counseling-based treatment approach for dissociation in residential treatment group home adolescent girls

Treatment For Dissociation .rtf .doc .pdf

Angelman Syndrome:

The condition known as 'Angelman Syndrome' may have a significant spiritual problem at its core, which Biblical counseling may prove to be successful in facilitating healing for.  In the following Bible passages, there are profound similarities and possible indications that a direct link can exist between the medical symptoms of Angelman Syndrome as featured below, and significant spiritual problems: 

- - Matthew 17:14-20 NIV - seizures, suffering, and falling into harm (inability to adequately or consistently control movement and balance)
- - Matthew 9:32-34 NIV - cannot speak
- - Matthew 12:22 NIV - blind (eye problems)
- - Luke 6:17-18 NIV - troubled (probably physical ailments and/or mental agitation, could include sleep problems)
- - Luke 9:37-42 NIV - suddenly screams, falls to the ground, and then convulsion (or violent muscle contractions), foams at the mouth; it scarcely ever leaves (is frequent and ongoing), and is destroying the person


The condition known as 'Autism' has characteristics that are very similar to or coincide with some of the symptoms listed in the Scripture verses above (for Angelman Syndrome).  Again, biblical counseling may be the only counseling approach that has the ability to cure this condition because it can successfully and effectively access the power of God to heal the root spiritual causes of this condition.


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_______ November, 2021 _______

- - New sermon-or-lesson outlines continue to be added for the 
Book of '1 Peter'.

- - A new document, 'List Of Curable Strongholds', has been added to the 'Counseling' web-page, that lists psychological and medical problems that were cured through the use of biblical counseling and that were in some manner directly linked to a source of sin.

_______ November, 2020 _______

- - A new document, 'Spiritual Gifts', has been added to the 'Doctrines' web-page, to assist believers in better identifying, comprehending, and using their spiritual gifts.

________ August, 2020 ________

- - A new document, 'End Times Speculations', has been added at the top of the 'Doctrines' web-page, to provide information about the shocking sudden worldwide event, known as the 'Mass Abductions' or the 'Mass Vanishings', in which countless numbers of people float up into the sky and then disappear - all at the same time.   Also included are other select aspects of end times events of the 'Great Tribulation'.

- - How did Noah get all of the species of birds into the Ark?
An international consortium of scientists conducted research, known as the "Avian Phylogenomics Project", in order to correct the bird family tree, in which they compared DNA genomes of 48 select different species of birds to determine their last shared common ancestors.

From their findings in 2014, the scientists concluded that only 4-5 species of birds survived the past global mass extinction event, in which a giant asteroid struck near the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. They base this conclusion on their DNA findings that the 10,500 species of birds of our modern times have all evolved from those 4-5 surviving species of birds since that past global mass extinction event.

In contemplating the various details of the Biblical account of Noah and the Ark in Genesis chapters 6-8, one related previously-insurmountable question arises as to how 10,500 species of bird pairs could fit into the Ark, along with all the other animals, and how Noah and his family could have fed all of those 21,000 (or more) birds along with all the animals every day for the year that they were in the Ark.  (see Genesis 6:7,17,19-7:3)

DNA evidence is usually highly reliable, and these particular findings of this DNA research on birds excellently fits into the Biblical account, essentially clarifying that Noah could have had as few as 5 different species of bird pairs on the Ark, for a total of perhaps 35 birds (see Genesis 7:2-3), from which all 10,500 species of birds have since evolved up to today. Noah did have onboard a "raven" and a "dove", which also fit within these DNA research findings.  (Genesis 8:7,8)

The Biblical account does make a perhaps important qualifying distinction in Genesis 7:14 that "every bird according to its kind" was on board the Ark, apparently meaning 'every bird according to its category kind, which will be subsequently filled out, broadened, and expanded in additional variations from that original bird pair species'.  (A thought-provoking relating side note is that the account of the original creation of living creatures and birds in Genesis 1:21 uses the exact same Hebrew word (#4327) in the description of how God created the various living creatures on the earth "according to its kind".)

Obviously, Noah and his family in the Ark for a year could accommodate and care for only a very small fraction of pairs of birds from all the different 10,500 species that exist now.

And also obviously, God was and still is in control over and orchestrating all of this evolving of birds, apparently from a small number of original pairs.  (for example: "...will come to you" - Genesis 6:20; 7:8)

Believers would be wise to carefully discern and perhaps re-evaluate how we regard the various aspects of the theory of evolution, distinctly specifying which aspects of evolution apparently correctly correspond to God's activities and which aspects unquestionably directly contradict God's activities.

Source: "When Whales Walked: Journeys In Deep Time", video.  Aired on PBS, 08/25/21.


- - Recent Start Of The Fulfilling Of An End-Times Prophecy?
In his speech before the United Nations on September 21, 2021, United States President Joe Biden may have started the fulfillment of an end-times prophecy that is a precursor very close to the 7-year Tribulation period.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 in referring to the coming of the day when the 7-year Tribulation period technically starts, in verse 3 from the original Greek, the translation is "Because when they say
"Peace and security", then sudden destruction comes on them, just like the labor pains to the pregnant woman, and they will not at all escape.".

President Biden said to the United Nations and the world that the United States of America, along with its allies, will lead together to meet "the greatest challenges of our time - from COVID to climate,
peace and security, human dignity and human rights".

Consider that pandemics (like COVID-19) and extreme weather conditions (like those reportedly produced now by climate change), referred to in the Scriptures by the broader term "plagues", were orchestrated by God to bring repentance, discipline, judgment, and death on people who are engaging in gross wickedness.

Also consider that the 7-year Tribulation will be filled with sequences of numerous kinds of plagues, which include pandemics and extreme weather conditions.

Moreover, consider that President Biden in this speech is announcing and rallying the world to solve these challenges, even using the words
"peace and security", which exactly match the words predicted in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 as a precursor very close to the sudden start of the 7-year Tribulation period. In its context, the phrase in verse 3 "Because when they say "Peace and security"" seems to indicate that people will be declaring this statement not only as an objective but also declaring that some progress has been made towards achieving this objective.

Therefore, a reasonable implication here is that President Biden has unwittingly started the fulfillment of the prophecy in verse 3 of 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, which predicts that the conditions in this prophecy will occur right before the actual beginning of the 7-year Tribulation period.

True believers and servants of the Lord would be wise to stay alert, and watch to see if this phrase "peace and security (or safety)" is subsequently picked up and verbally promoted by other leaders in the world - which would fulfill the part of the prophecy "they say" in verse 3.