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--- Please pray that the Gospel presentation document "How To Get To Heaven" in various languages on this website would be readily accessed, effectively understood, and instrumentally used by the Lord to bring countless numbers of people around the world to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

An important coming reality:

Upon the start of the Great Tribulation, believers can lose their salvation.  For details, see the document "End Times Speculations", which is located at the top of the 'Doctrines' web-page.

? Did you know that:
- - God has assigned all true believers to be functioning as "priests", doing ministry work in a church or ministry.
(For more information, see the document "1 Peter 2:5 - Assigned To Be Ministering In A Priestly Fraternity" in the ' 1 Peter' Sermon or Lesson Outlines web-page.)

 Outlines - for Sermons or Lessons 
 - James 

Outlines that are designed to be used as expository preaching sermons or as Bible study teaching lessons - for free download for the entire Book of James in the New Testament, biblical, editable (in .doc), printable, can be easily customized or projected, available in 4 file formats (.htm, .rtf, .doc, .pdf), NIV-based

To download a document, place your cursor over the format type (.htm, .rtf, .doc, or .pdf) for the document you want, then right mouse click to cause a pop-up menu to appear, then in that menu select "Save Target As..." to copy the document file onto your computer in a directory you designate.

Book Of James (complete):

James 1:1
The Testimony Of James About His Half-brother Jesus
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:2-4
Godís Perspective For Our Facing Trials Of Many Kinds
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:5-8
Acquiring Wisdom From God
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:9-11
Spiritual Dynamics Of Being Wealthy
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:12
Persevering Under Trial
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:13
Godís Role In Our Exposure To Temptations
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:14-15
Placing The Blame Where The Blame Belongs
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:16-17
Establishing An Accurate Regard For What God Gives
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:18
Godís Best ďGood And Perfect GiftsĒ
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:19-20
Your Anger Is Counterproductive To Godís Purposes
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:21
Clean Out The Sinfulness, Embrace Godís Righteousness
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:22-24
Treating Godís Word As If It Were Useless
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:25
Studying, Internalizing, And Applying Godís Word Brings Blessings
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:26-27 - Expository Essay
(a study resource document):
The Nature Of True Religion
by Tina A. Coddington
An examination of the aspects of the nature of true religion, based on James 1:26-27
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:26
Sinful Speech Equals Religion Worthless To God
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 1:27
God Accepts Your Practice Of Religion When It Is Pure
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 2:1-3
Favoritism - Contrary To Proper Religious Practice
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 2:4
The Sins Of Favoritism-Discriminating-Judging
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 2:5-7
Our Favoritism Is All Backwards
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 2:8-11
God Has A Big Problem With Our Showing Of Favoritism
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 2:12-13
A Warning To Be Merciful
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 2:14-17
Is Your Faith Dead Or Alive?
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 2:18-19
True Faith Is Evidenced By Good Deeds
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 2:20-24
Faith And Deeds - Working Together
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 2:25-26
Sufficiently Informed, Exhorted, And Warned
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 3:1-2
Teachers - Required Excellence In Modeling The Word
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 3:3-5a
Your Tongue Steers The Direction Of Your Life
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 3:5b-8
Our Tongue - Great Inclination For Comprehensive Evil
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 3:9-12
Unacceptable Duality Of The Tongue
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 3:13-16
Godly Wisdom Has Humility And
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 3:17-18
Other Characteristics Of Genuine Godly Wisdom
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 4:1-3
Motivations and Compulsions Of Sinful Sensual Desires
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 4:4
Our Worldliness Is Hostility Towards God
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 4:5-6
Your Worldliness Provokes God
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 4:7
Do A Reversal
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 4:8
Cleanse Your Actions And Thinking
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 4:9-10
Grieve Your Significant Sinfulness
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 4:11-12
Corrupt Use Of The Law
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 4:13-16
Proper Regard Of Your Own Abilities
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 4:17
Sin Of Omission
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 5:1-3b
Comprehensive Accountability With Adverse Consequences Awaits The Wealthy
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 5:3c
Wealth Is To Be Shared, Not Hoarded
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 5:4-6
Adverse Accountability For The Sinful Use Of Wealth
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 5:7-9
Keep In Mind The Coming Judgment
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 5:10-12
Patient Endurance, Careful Words
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 5:13-16
Use God's Way To Successfully Pass Through Suffering
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
James 5:17-20
The Lord's Response To The Actions Of The Righteous Believer
.htm .rtf .doc .pdf
These are all of the sermons for the entire Book of James herein above.

For a List Of Abbreviations used within these outlines, click here 
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__________ January, 2024 __________

- - The notice, "Permission To Translate These Documents Into Your Language" (located below at the bottom of this column), has been amicably expanded.

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- - A new counseling document, entitled "Recovering From Ministerial Abuse, Assault, Murder", has been added to the "Counseling" web-page.

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- - The document, "How To Get To Heaven", has been added in many other languages, as listed in the above box.  These translated documents enable you to share the gospel with people who speak one of these languages.

- - Running out of time:
We (servants of God) are running out of time to get everything done - all of our ministry work, because April 3, 2034 is coming quickly.
" spoken of through the prophet Isaiah [40:4] : " A voice of one calling in the desert, `Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.' ""  (Matthew 3:3)
- - A relating end times event to currently watch for: If the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem indeed will start in the middle of the year 2034, therefore it seems logical and necessary that Jehovah God would need to utterly flatten in an earthquake the Dome Of The Rock mosque years before 2034, which of course could occur any day now until then.
(written in September, 2023)


- - Expect to increasingly incur property damage and losses of various kinds:
- - During our time, especially since about the year 2020, there has been occurring frequent news and scientific reports about how destructive weather events are becoming increasingly more frequent and more destructive.
- - Furthermore, reports document that there are significant overall increases in the occurrences and destructiveness of other kinds of events in nature, such as wildfires, droughts, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, famines, plagues, insect infestations, virus pandemics, and etcetera.
- - The world thinks that mankind's actions are contributing to many of these adversities that are increasingly coming upon the earth, which may to some degree be true.
- - But these increases in destructive phenomena may furthermore be due to God's actions, plan, and timing to bring discipline and judgment upon the accelerating wickedness of peoples and societies around the world.
- - In the same way that God causes the rain to fall on "the righteous and the unrighteous"
(Matthew 5:45), He causes destructive weather and catastrophic events in nature to befall the righteous and the unrighteous.
- - As a prime example, in Genesis chapter 19 is recorded that when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah
(vv.19:24-25, 27-29) due to their wickedness (v.18:20), Lot lost his house (v.19:2), all of his property and belongings (vv.19:16-17), his wife (v.19:26), and his two future sons-in-law (v.19:14-16), but not his two daughters (v.19:16).
- - Even though Lot experienced huge losses in God's discipline and judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah, God did "rescue Lot" from death, being "a righteous man, who was distressed by the filthy lives of lawless men"
(2 Peter 2:7)
- - As the wickedness on the earth during our time accelerates to perhaps surpass the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah
(Genesis 18:20), we should expect God to inflict more of these calamities, disasters, destructions, and losses.
- - Thereby, we should also expect that we true believers will nevertheless suffer various kinds of losses and incur property damage, albeit collateral damage, from these destructive and catastrophic events that God is now increasingly inflicting on the wickedness of the peoples on the earth. 
- - "The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord." 
(from Job 1:21)


- - Permission To Translate These Documents Into Your Language
(Now amicably expanded ( in January, 2024)) :

- - I am hereby offering to grant permission to any true believer who is interested, that you can translate any of my documents in this website into your native foreign language, and then distribute them, or post them on the Internet.
- - I ask that you provide your translated documents for free, and not sell them.  However, you can provide a way for the recipients of your translated documents to extend a freewill monetary donation to you.
- - I ask that you take the time to translate each document as accurately as reasonably possible, and not pervert or adulterate the doctrines, concepts, and meanings of what I have written.
- - You can translate from the New International Version (NIV) the Scripture verses I use, thereby rendering no need for you to secure copyrights from the owners of any Scripture translations.
- - Perhaps you would prayerfully consider the possibility of your church, or Bible college / seminary, or ministry group pulling together a team of select persons with the skills to start and operate your own ministry website like mine here, in which these documents are translated into your native language and posted on your website for free download.

- - I will be very glad to feature on my website a description of and a link to your ministry website, where you have located these translated documents.
- - If you have credible significant need, I may be able to secure some financial funding to help support your translation activities in this regard.
- -  Furthermore, I am available for free consultation to help you get this kind of ministry website going, and to provide you with clarification of the intended meaning of any words, phrases, or sentences that I used in any of these documents.
- - I can be contacted by E-mail at:

- - I am wanting to turn over to, or delegate to, or partner with some person or group the translating of my documents into Portuguese.  This turn over, or delegating, or partnering would include those persons acquiring the 34 of my documents that I have already translated into Portuguese, (which can be viewed in the Portuguese section of my website).
- - Similarly, I am also wanting to turn over to, or delegate to, or partner with some person or group the translating of my documents into Spanish, most of which have already been translated, (and are located in the Spanish section of my website).
- - My goal is to turn over or delegate these two translating activities so that I am free to readily write more ministry documents in English.

Relating notes of praise and prayer requests:
(dated January, 2024)
- - Since first posting this notice of "Permission To Translate These Documents Into Your Language" in July, 2023, I have already seen in my website statistics the presence of substantial convincing evidence that a group has begun working on translating my documents into a foreign language.  PRAISE THE LORD !!!
- - Please pray that more persons and groups would be raised up to translate the documents on my ministry website into their native foreign language and post them on their website for free download.
- - Also please pray that within every group that takes on this ministry objective, there would be: excellent leadership; skilled workers; unity, harmony, collaboration, and godly behaviors amongst them; the maintaining of quality of accurate translations; and the timely-acquiring of sufficient resources to accomplish with excellence the creation of these translated ministry documents on a corresponding ministry website.